Ethical fashion, made in melbourne, australia. Sustainable fashion. From Africa now living in Australia. Living our dream creating our fashion line.

Hello we are jej and boc!


Having grown up in the colourful country of Zimbabwe, we formed a great love of colour and pattern from an early age. Deeply inspired by the vibrant tropical fruit at the markets, the java-printed fabrics and the African bush- we absorbed a world of colour throughout our childhood that to this day defines who we are.


Jej and Boc are our childhood nicknames. As well as being an eponymous brand name, it also encapsulates an important philosophy of our brand. We value the freedom children have in their clothes and the fun and frivolous garments on offer for them. We like the idea of bringing this sense of fun and childlike merriment to our brand.


Bec is our textile designer. She creates designs that are influenced by our African childhood and fascination with the natural world, creating an element of boldness through her use of vivid colour and quirky hand-drawn motifs.

Jess is responsible for dreaming up the garments that best capture Bec’s textiles. She directs the fashion design component of jej & boc, conjuring up the perfect silhouettes to showcase the textiles.  


jej & boc has a unique handwriting style that brings together whimsical patterns and vibrant colours to create a playful approach to fashion. jej & boc is an ethically created brand with the fabrics digitally printed and garments constructed in Melbourne, the city that we now call home.