Our Efforts in Sustainability 

jej & boc acknowledge the crisis of our environment and the way our consumer habits have a profound impact on our planet. In an effort to reduce our environmental footprint, jej & boc reject the dizzying wastefulness of fast fashion, choosing to take our time in the process of garment creation.


We choose to support local business with our fabric printing, pattern making and garment construction. Locally produced garments have a lower carbon footprint and enrich our local community. Where it is not possible to find the fabrics we need locally, we explore ethical options overseas, particularly in the case of silk.


jej & boc choose to only use natural fibres. Synthetic fabrics shed microfibres in each wash cycle and these microfibres inevitably end up contaminating our rivers and oceans. jej & boc use cotton, silk and linen. These fabrics are durable, breathable and biodegradable. We print the majority of our fabric with a local printing studio in Melbourne which digitally print our fabric using pigment ink. In this process, no water is utilised and no ink wasted. Through digitally printing our fabric, we are able to work on a demand business practise, whereby we only order the fabric we need.


In 2019, we bid farewell to packaging that ends up clogging up landfill and have embraced compostable packaging. Once you open a jej & boc parcel you can literally throw your packaging in the garden!


We make small and considered batches of garments to avoid excess and waste. With the offcuts of our fabric we create bow ties and sell them to raise funds for an art project in Zimbabwe.


As jej & boc grows, we look forward to further developing our capability in sustainable practices.